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I write nonfiction and memoir based upon my childhood in the commercial fishing industry in Kodiak, Alaska, as well as many years of travel, adventure, and general recklessness elsewhere in the world.  

I'm interested in science, mythology, language, gender, and ways folks make positive change.


I write science fiction, fantasy, and myth for younger readers and adults, as well. 

For writing prompts, sneak peeks at works-in-progress, editorial support, or other elements of craft and inspiration, consider subscribing to my Patreon

By profession, I teach reading and writing at a community college in Portland, Oregon. I believe in the power of language to transform our lives; it is through writing our stories and our ideas that we can better learn to understand our own thoughts, our experiences, and the systems that surround us.  


My editorial projects focus on encouraging the development and articulation of ideas grounded in social justice and transformation.  I am interested in helping create effective mouthpieces for the voices that often go unheard.  I want to support projects that embody risk and transgression, that struggle for equality, freedom, and care, and that value connection as a radical force.

Check out the IAS, which represents some of the work I do.


I am also a mother, a reader, and a lover of many things and people.


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